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From mothers to fathers

In my new tradition of adding up the bus numbers I ride each day, today would be a zero. Why ride when the sun is out and your destinations are close enough to walk to? (And yes, to the many friends I have talked into walking somewhere with me, I realize that “close” is a subjective word.)

As much as I love beautiful days like this, they always make me think of people who can’t enjoy them–specifically, people in prisons and hospitals. Maybe it’s because of the war, or what my mother has been going through lately.

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If not the nation, then at least King County

Yesterday, Ron Sims announced that King County will join the Chicago Climate Exchange, making it the first county (and making Metro the first bus transit agency) to participate.

“The contract obligates King County to reduce emissions by six percent from a baseline of its year 2000 emissions. Sims said the county is expected to meet or beat this target.”

Now, if each of us would do the same, we could make a huge difference in the quality of our air and water. As an incentive, maybe we could institute a carbon market for individuals. …

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Still more on mommies

This time, mine.

In honor of Mother’s Day, my March 29th Real Change column:

Back on the 8

Every time I hear Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” I am transported to the house where I grew up and to the joy of dancing in the living room with my father on a Saturday afternoon. “The Men All Pause” by Klymaxx reminds me of my older sister, Carey, gorgeous and powerful and singing along with the record player in our childhood bedroom. Anything by Black Sheep takes me back to my college days, when my girlfriend, Monique, …

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Speaking of mommies and sidewalks…

Today Adam and I went to a party (OK, it was a baby shower) on Bainbridge Island. Of course it was a piece of cake (pun intended) getting to Colman Dock (took the 27 to 3rd & Columbia, then walked west on Marion all the way to the passenger terminal), but the rest of the trip was a bit more of a challenge.

The party was held at the home of the mother-to-be’s sister, which was about three miles from the ferry dock. The shower started at 1:00, and the Kitsap Transit route we needed to take didn’t …

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Mommy, what’s a sidewalk?

“Sidewalks are becoming nostalgic artifacts of a time before three- or four-car families. To me, their absence represents disturbing changes in the way we connect to one another–and the habits, values and capacities we bequeath to our children.”

“Sidewalks Can Make a Town a Neighborhood,” Newsweek, April 24, 2006

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Because pets can’t drive

Fun Pet Rides


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One spare tire begets another

Looking to regain (or hang on to) the trim figure you had in your teens? Forget about Atkins and South Beach. Don’t sign up for costly gym memberships or trendy exercise classes you don’t have time to attend. Instead, try Bus Chick’s Diet Plan.

My plan is simple (no counting of carbs, fats, calories, or “points”), effective (judging from all the sexy bus riders I know), and best of all, free. You can still eat ice cream, and you never even have to look at a treadmill–unless, of course, you happen to like them. All you have to …

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Some bus routes I like

Despite the fact that the 4 stops right in front of my house; despite the fact that it takes me to downtown, the Seattle Center (basketball!), and Queen Anne (home of 5 Spot); despite the fact that Smooth Jazz is one of the regular drivers, the 4 is one of my least favorite routes–especially in the middle of the day. I can deal with the fact that it is crowded and noisy (can’t be mad at a lot of people riding), but crowded+noisy+angry+slow is a combination I can’t work with. Because of all the folks (many committing multiple

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Fidelity not getting you the results you want?

Try Metro!

We bus chicks aren’t just sexy; we also have big bank accounts.

“Terry Bassett, head of the Yolo County bus system, sent us some calculations he had done that show a person could save $500,000 over the next 25 years if that person took the bus rather than a car and invested all monthly savings conservatively in a pre-tax 401(k) plan.” – Sacramento Bee

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Yesterday, I took the Elliott Bay Water Taxi (aka “the foot ferry”) to visit my parents. Considering the crappy bus service to their new place, it was reasonably convenient. But convenient, shmonvenient. It was also a lot of fun!

The ride takes about 15 minutes–long enough to settle in and enjoy the view (and what a view–I am jealous of all those West Seattle commuters), but not so long that it becomes tedious. The main part of the boat is enclosed (with lots of windows, of course), but there is also an open deck upstairs.

The …

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