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Carfree Sundays, part II (or, Now this is more like it)

The sun did, indeed, shine on Columbia City today.

No cars allowed (except police cars, that is)

For a few minutes after I passed the barricade, I stayed on the sidewalk (30+ years of conditioning are hard to overcome)–until I realized I didn’t have to. What an exhilarating feeling to step off the curb and stroll down the middle of the street!

Columbia City Bakery's sign
Carfree Columbia …</div>
<p> <a href=

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Barefootin’ on the 48

Maybe she’s the one who left her shoes at 3rd & Union:


Is this worse than chicken-greasy fingers on the pole or a dog on the seat? You tell me.

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Bus wraps are back (or, Speaking of transit funding…)

The partial wraps are on the street, and thanks to Ray, a true bus nerd from Beacon Hill, we have photos!

Partial wrap: front (Photo credit: Ray Day, Jr.)
Partial wrap: side (Photo credit: Ray Day, Jr.)
Partial wrap: back (Photo credit: Ray Day, Jr.)

I was never that bothered by the covered windows–what’s a hazy view from time to time compared to 7,500 additional service hours each year?–but these …

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Saving service

For the past several weeks, since hearing news of Metro’s dismal budget outlook (higher than projected fuel costs, lower than projected sales tax revenues), we transit types have been wondering whether we’d be faced with service cuts, fare hikes higher than the original 25-cent proposal, or both. Folks, hold on to your bus passes: We might not have to deal with either.

Today, Ron Sims is proposing a “plan …

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Carfree Sundays, part I

Today, 14th Avenue East was closed (to cars, that is), from Republican to the park. I didn’t make it over there until close to 4, when it was pouring down rain and (even though the event wasn’t scheduled to end until 6), the Cascade Bicycle Club representatives were closing down their tent.

Seattle's first carfree Sunday
14th Ave E with no cars and–thanks to the rain–no people

Despite the uncooperative weather (hey–I’m sure the plants appreciated the drink), CBC’s commuting specialist, …

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“Mom”ing, bus chick style

Since Bus Nerd and I announced we were expecting a baby, folks have been taking bets on how long it would be before we bought a car. Most are shocked that we are even attempting car-free parenthood and see our choice either as some sort of noble sacrifice or stubborn attempt to prove a point. Either way, they consider raising a child without a car to be difficult and limiting.

So far, we haven’t found it to be so. If anything, busing with Chicklet has expanded …

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Under the wire

Northbound 8, 6:25 PM:

Ballot on bus

Politicians: Don’t sleep on the bus chick vote. We have more time to fill out our ballots.

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Sister, can you spare a dime?

Tuesday, Eastbound 5th & Jackson stop, 8:40 PM

Fellow TAC‘er Miranda and I are discussing the future of transit in the region while waiting for our respective buses (me: 14, her: 36) home from the August meeting. A man approaches and asks if we can spare 50 cents. He has to get to the shelter by nine.

“And,” he adds, scratching his nether parts for emphasis, “I’ve got a rash.”

Wednesday, Westbound 23rd & Jackson stop, 5:00 …

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Speaking of winners…

Metro selected co-OOYs for 2007.

Boehmer and Chappelle: 2007 Operators of the Year (photo credit: King County)

Every year, the best King County Metro Transit bus drivers are asked to select the single best operator from their own group. This year, they couldn’t do it. Instead, they doubled up on the excellence and voted for two of their peers to receive Metro’s top award.

Metro drivers Richard Boehmer and Nate Chappelle were surprised to hear they were sharing “Operator of the Year” honors.

Between …

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And the winner is…

I’m going with DreadPoetJethro and his bus/shoe haiku:

Convenient FlexShoe
Gets you to destinations
Where buses don’t go

What’s with the popularity of haiku these days? I haven’t written one since fourth grade. Of course, I’m not exactly a talent in the poetry department… I digress.

I especially enjoyed DPJ’s follow-up poem:

Oops! FlexShoe is now
Known by newer name: ZipShoe
(They added Velcro)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still missing “FlexShoe.”

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