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A brief layover

I’m finishing up a major project, so I won’t be posting here very frequently (or at all) for the next week or two. Before I go:

Remember Pierce Transit’s “bus buddy” program?

A bus buddy ad on a Pierce Transit shuttle

Apparently, Sound Transit has one, too.

Speaking of Pierce Transit…

Pierce County buses now have: GPS tracking, automatic stop announcements, and extensive two-way communication systems.

Thanks for the links, Andrew.

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From 3 billion to one-on-one

Chicklet’s best* bus-related quote for the month of March:

“Time to get on the bus–and cuddle up with Mommy!”

Guess I’m not the only one who enjoys our travel time.

*And by best I mean, Mom’s favorite.

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3 billion (and counting)

On March 31st, KC Metro expects to record its 3 billionth boarding.

The agency wants you to help celebrate/commemorate the milestone by:

Submitting a photo of yourself riding your favorite route. (Time for a family pic on the 27!) The photos will be included in a public gallery.

Sharing your “carbon footprint.” There’s nothing to calculate; you just pick a shoe and add your initials. I think the point is to illustrate the collective impact of riding transit, but I wanted to see some numbers–or, at least some cuter shoe options.

Also, look …

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A not-so-happy anniversary

As of today, it’s been 20 years since the Exxon Valdez oil spill. In that time, Puget Sound has experienced the equivalent of 10 Exxon Valdezes–due to runoff from cars and trucks.*

*Yes, I know that buses cause runoff, too–but at least it’s less per person. Bikes? Feet? No runoff at all.

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How to make a bus chick (with a stroller) angry, part IV

Another Sunday, another exciting walk to church.

Bad minivan

I’ve been taking the stroller to church because we usually walk the whole way (no bus-related folding or unfolding necessary), and I rarely wear Ergo-friendly clothes (or shoes) on Sundays.

I think I’ll have to start.

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On riding and race, part I

One of the (many) interesting side effects of riding the bus is that it causes me to think a lot about race–and not just because I regularly field questions about my ethnic makeup.

As a black/biracial woman, living without a car makes me very aware of my brownness. Sometimes this is a good thing–like when I’m on the 4, surrounded by other brown people, and we’re having a bus-wide discussion about Barack Obama or fried turkey or Seattle back in the day, and I feel that same sense of camaraderie and community that I feel in my …

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For Bus Nerd

A Michigan fan on the 48
Go blue!


And to all my fellow Husky fans: Here’s hoping.

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More Seattle on Streetfilms

A cool (and much needed) crosswalk on Alaskan Way:

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Today’s the day!

Call me a BDP or a mindless Metro booster if you must, but I’m excited to celebrate Bus Driver Appreciation Day. I am grateful for all the hard-working men and women who’ve been getting me there for six years and then some, and I’m especially grateful for those who’ve managed to do it with a smile (or a little music).

This new (because we said so!) holiday seems like a pretty good excuse to share stories about our favorite–and most memorable–drivers. What you got?

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Yes, please

ST’s Link website is up and running–getting us ready for July, when the service will be up and running. I absolutely cannot wait to sit my behind on one of those contoured seats.

Train testing (Photo credit: Sound Transit)

See you on the train!

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