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January Golden Transfer

Golden TransferThis month’s Golden Transfer goes to the citizens of King County, who stepped up in 2007 and got their behinds on the bus:

King County Metro Transit bus ridership increased a record-setting 7 percent last year with an estimated 110 million passenger boardings in 2007.…

These preliminary estimates will be finalized in March, but it is believed to be the largest annual ridership increase for Metro in the past 10 years.

(And I thought 2006 was a good year.)

Busy Bellevue Transit Center …</div>
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And speaking of the 48…

From Auryn on Capitol Hill, a Craigslist “missed connection” to Seattle’s longest (and latest) bus route:

Dear Bus Route 48:

Let me preface this by saying that I love you. You know exactly what I need. When I lived in Greenlake and had those random appointments in the Central District, you were my savior. And you go right by Ezell’s Chicken! Score!

Remember that one time I was in Greenwood? I forget why I was there, but my friends called me to hang out with them at Teddy’s off Roosevelt. At first I thought “how …

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Speaking of bus music…

DJ Sabzi and Emcee Geologic, chillin on the porch (photo credit: Gabriel Teodros)Way back in November, Seattle hip-hop duo Blue Scholars released their digital-only EP, Joe Metro (thanks for the heads up, Zac!). Last week, I finally got around to listening to the title track.

Love, love, love! This is a good song, and I’m not just saying that because it’s about the bus. Seattle OG Emcee Geologic is an excellent storyteller. He describes a ride on the 48 (aka forty-late), the perfect bus for a “Posse on …

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Southbound 48, 3 PM, cont’d

A continuation of last Thursday’s post:

Girl 2 asks to play the guitar, to show the boy a song she’s been describing. She takes it and plays for a minute, until Girl 1 grabs it and announces, “I’m going to play a song for the bus.” She starts strumming and sing-talking from her seat. Some sample lyrics:

“We’re on the bus.
“Look at all these people.
“There’s a guy with a hat.”

You get the idea.

The only people (besides me, ever in others folks’ business) who seemed to be paying her any mind were Girl 2 …

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Ridin’ solo

Today , I rode the bus alone for the first time since Chicklet was born. (Yes, I realize that this makes me a bit pathetic, considering that my child is 12 weeks old. What can I say? She’s cute.) I have left the house without her twice–once for my birthday dinner and once for my friend Donna‘s birthday party–but Bus Nerd was with me on both occasions.

Today, I traveled solo to attend the King County Transit Advisory Committee‘s annual retreat. I wouldn’t necessarily call an extra-long meeting in our regular meeting room a retreat, especially …

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Runs on sun

What’s better than a solar-powered trash compactor at a bus stop? A solar-powered bus!

Chris from Port Townsend sent me a link to this post from the Inhabitat blog:

Tindo, a solar-powered electric bus, was introduced just last week in the city of Adelaide in Australia. The best part? It’s free to ride the supercute, supersolar Tindo.

Designed and manufactured by New Zealand-based Designline International, Tindo is charged by a photovoltaic system installed at the Adelaide Central Bus Station. It’s the largest grid-connected solar photovoltaic system in South Australia and charges the bus’s 11 batteries, which power …

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Southbound 48, 3 PM

A group of teenagers is sitting in the elevated, side-facing section of an articulated bus. Most of them seem to know each other, except one of the boys, who is holding an acoustic guitar as if he’s about to start playing. This sparks a conversation with two of the girls across from him.

Girl 1 (gesturing to the other kids sitting near her): “These are our roommates.”

Boy: “You live with all those people?”

Girl 2: “Yep. Up in the U District. It’s a queer house. Everybody who lives there is gay…oh, except for Paul, and Annette, and Julie*. …

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Transportation safety, part IV

Near the Kirkland Transit Center, those crosswalk flags we’re experimenting with:

Crosswalk flags in Kirkland

They’re supposed to make pedestrians more visible at dangerous intersections. I’m all for measures that make walking safer (especially since, according to this article, 55 Seattle pedestrians were hit by cars last month), but this one seems a bit impractical. Do people seriously not steal those things?

Along NE 40th Street in Redmond, all the bus stops have two buttons:

Bus stop on 40th

The one on the left controls a light, for …

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MLK Day, ’08 (or, Maybe Chicklet looked suspicious)

Yesterday, Bus Nerd and I celebrated our favorite holiday in our usual fashion: by busing to different events around the city. This year, Chicklet celebrated with us, and all went well (48 to Franklin for the annual rally and march, another Laura “Piece” Kelley sighting)–that is until we tried to catch the 8 from King Memorial Park, where the march ended, to the Center House, where the CD Forum was presenting a staged reading of “Our God is Marching On.”

Unfortunately, the 8 driver wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit. He drove past the …

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New rider, new driver

Yesterday, I rode the 48 with a young woman who was very new to Seattle. When she boarded the bus, she first asked the driver if we were traveling south (having been told by the northbound driver that she was headed the wrong direction) and then asked if and at what time we would get to 24th Avenue South. Oddly, the driver of our bus didn’t know if he passed 24th Avenue South, despite the fact that it’s one block east of 23rd Avenue South, a street the 48 travels on for some distance. When he suggested she get off …

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