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Eastbound 27, 12:45 PM

In the front, a 27 regular: an elderly gentleman with a white beard who is never seen in public without his (rather tattered) Navy cap. Folks sometimes call him Captain.

In the back: a curly haired, two-year old boy, sitting on his mother’s lap, thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Little boy, giggling: “Whee! Whee! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!”

Captain turns toward the noise once, twice, three times, then rolls his eyes (twice) and sucks his teeth. The little boy, oblivious, continues.

LB: “Whee! Whee! Mommy, whee!”

Captain, turning again toward the back: “Shut up.”

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OK, what if they were partially wrapped?

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this for over a week, but I was away on vacation, enjoying a laptop-free existence.

It seems that the folks at Metro have found a creative solution to the wrapped bus visibility issue. From a recent County Kingpin news release:

Last fall, the Metropolitan King County Council directed Metro to phase out its full-wrap bus advertising program due to concerns expressed by some passengers that their views were obscured and the bus interiors were dark. If the advertising program that was restricted to 25 buses – less than two percent …

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Car-free vacation: Friday Harbor/Victoria

Last week, Bus Nerd and I took a little vacation, the majority of which we spent in one of my favorite places on Earth, Friday Harbor, Washington. We also spent one night in Victoria, BC.

It was a perfect trip, spent reading, resting, and enjoying the beautiful views. Here’s how we managed it, sans voiture:

Friday Harbor:

1. We took the 27 from our house to 3rd & Pike, the closest stop to the Convention Center.

2. We took a shuttle (operated by Bellair Charters) from the Convention Center to the Anacortes ferry dock. (Note that we could …

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Westbound 3, 2:55 PM

Buses celebrate Pride, too:

“I’m loved by PFLAG”

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A brief layover

I’m leaving town in a few hours (for Friday Harbor!), so I won’t be posting this week.

In the meantime…

1. Guess these routes. Jack W., a super-smart transit planner who also happens to be a Transportation Choices Coalition board member, prepared his own form of bus Jeopardy (Jeopardy Haiku) for TCC’s last house party.

Here are a few I liked:

On this road, run routes
Eight, Forty-two, Forty-late;
This County, Sims-led

Redmond – Overlake
Five twenty will toll for thee
Seattle and Montlake

Route one …

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Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road (please!), part II

Congratulations, Shannon!Last night, we left work early to attend Bus Nerd’s Godson Shannon’s graduation from Ingraham (545 + 41+ 346). Thanks to Friday evening traffic, we were running late, so late that we were afraid we were going to miss Shannon’s walk. Fortunately, two young men who rode the 346 with us were also late to the graduation. They used their Sidekick to keep in touch with their graduate, and I used my eavesdropping skills to figure out just how much we had missed. (“She says it’s hella crowded–oh, the …

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Sounder on Saturday

This Saturday, I’ll be participating in the Komen Puget Sound Race for the Cure. Happily, so will Sound Transit. They’ll be running a (festive) Sounder train, so those of you coming from Pierce and South King counties can ride to the race in comfort–without fighting (and paying) for parking. The train heads out from Tacoma at 6:30 AM (arriving at the race at 7:30) and returns from King Street Station at 12:30 PM.

Ride for the Cure (photo courtesy of Sound Transit)


I won’t be on train, …

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Is this seat taken? (or, What a bus chick will do for love)

Bus Chick, with the man she commits bus fouls forBecause Bus Nerd and I “met” on the bus we ride to work, our early courtship was supplemented by some infatuation-enhancing bus conversations, the kind that actually made me look forward to my commute. Pre-Bus Nerd, I relished my mornings. I loved that I didn’t have to be at work at any particular time, and I never rushed. If I missed my regular bus, well, there’d be another in 15 minutes. More time for NPR. After I got to know him …

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One thing I actually miss about driving

Today I rented a Flexcar (for the first time since January) and brought along two of my favorite CDs for the ride. I have to say, there’s nothing like rollin’ through the streets of your city on a sunny(ish) afternoon, windows down, blasting Erykah Badu’s “Cleva” as loud as it will go.

Somehow, the Schmipod (which has its uses but which I rarely listen to on the bus, as it distracts me from reading and prevents me from eavesdropping) doesn’t compare.

Fellow car-free types: What do you miss about driving?

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Northbound 48, 8:55 AM (or, At last!)

As I board, I greet one of my regular drivers.

Driver (grinning): “Hey, you’ve got priority, right?”

Me (grinning harder): “You noticed.”

No one’s offered me a seat yet, but these days (second trimester and feelin’ fine), I don’t really need one.

I look forward to the day when I’m big enough for a driver to make the bus kneel for me.

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