My nonfiction work has appeared in Colors NW, Encore City Arts, Grist, The Houston Chronicle, Mass Transit, Mavin, Real Change News, Seattle Business Monthly, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, Seattle Magazine, and Upscale.

“This I Believe” essay (Aired on The Bob Edward Show on 9/24/10)

Publicola, Friday Morning Fizz “Likes and Dislikes” (August, 2014)


The sane person’s guide to bringing kids on public transit (3/21/11)
Seven ways to live in a small space with kids and not go crazy (3/7/11)
Family values for population hawks (2/21/11)
How to talk to kids about being carfree (2/7/11)
The soul of a city is in its people (1/24/11)
Living in a small space can sometimes cramp your green style (1/10/11)
Want a safe place to raise kids? Look to cities (12/27/10)
Family friendly Detroit (12/13/10)
Driving a car doesn’t mean being in control (11/29/10)
Moving to the suburbs for your kids? Think again (11/15/2010)
Why public transportation is good for kids (11/1/10)

Real Change News

Colors NW

South Seattle nonprofit takes achievement gap into its own hands (1/9/05)

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