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Upcoming events for transit types

Bus Driver Appreciation Day

What: A holiday set aside to acknowledge, celebrate, and otherwise lift up all the hard-working men and women who get us where we’re going. (Note: KC Metro drivers–and, I’m assuming, drivers of many other transit systems–are not allowed to accept gifts. But, saying something nice, like, “thanks for your hard work” or, “happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day” isn’t against any rules I know of.)
When: Sunday, March 18, all day long
Where: Public buses on planet Earth

Humanity on Wheels: An Evening of Mass Transit Tales

What: A “TriMet Diaries storytelling event …

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Still counting (or, “Do you know what today is?”)

It’s been nine years since I made the ultimate commitment to Metro (we’ve been kickin’ it for over 30, though). Our relationship has had its ups and downs (this year, more downs than ups), but I’m sticking. This post from two years ago does a decent job of explaining why.

Bring on the next nine.

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