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2010: the bus year in review

Best ride of 2010: Easy: first ride with my sweet boy. (It didn’t hurt that it was on the 27.) More on the joys of busing with Busling in a few weeks, on his birthday.

Worst ride of 2010: Also easy: that terrible, terrible, morning-after-MLK-Day 4 ride. That one just might qualify as the worst bus ride of my life.

Driver of the year (really, every year): Smooth Jazz, of course.

Route of the year: ST550. Thanks to my role on the

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Seven freeways that never were

More good stuff from Slate’s Tom Vanderbilt (via Bus Nerd):

The Lower Manhattan Expressway—dubbed “Lomex”—which would have coursed in eight-lane glory through the now-vibrant (and expensive) neighborhoods of Soho and Nolita, is one of the world’s most famous unbuilt highways. The epic battle about whether it should be built is virtual mythology in New York City, pitting the sweeping interventions of Robert Moses against that savior of the street, Jane Jacobs, a conflict of networks against neighbors, a struggle over a road that was either essential to Gotham’s 20th century survival or, in the words of Lewis Mumford, was “the …

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Are suburbs safer for kids?

Not necessarily. From my latest for Grist:

Cities have a bad reputation with parents, for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest: crime. Ask the average suburban parents why they’ve chosen to raise their family far away from the urban core, and chances are good the topic will come up early in the conversation. Cities might be enriching and green and beneficial for kids in all kinds of ways. But what most parents want to know is, are they safe?

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Northbound 8, 10:30 AM (or, Nutcracker, here we come!)

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Baby bus pass

My Chicklet (BCiT extraordinaire) pilfered this from the set of playing cards Bus Nerd and I bought on our honeymoon in the San Juans. Orca 3 of hearts

She calls it (what else?) her “Orca card.” And yes, she pretends to swipe it.

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54 foot fashion

(Photo by Lily.)

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Trip planning on the go

Earlier today, I received a press release about Metro Mobile, a new, phone-friendly version of KC Metro’s Trip Planner created by benevolent bus rider Nicholas Barnard. I tried the tool for a few sample trips, and it works pretty well—at least, as well as can be expected on my somewhat bootleg phone.

The site lets you select from a list of default locations (libraries, the airport, et cetera). It also lets you set custom locations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t verify the locations before it saves them. I saved my home address, but when …

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Bus chick magnet

Back in October, I told you about Vincent Kartheiser, a handsome and successful actor who lives in LA but prefers to ride PT.

Today, I bring you Bryan Scott, the bike riding Buffalo Bill who chooses two wheels to commute to practice.

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Another year, another fare increase

In case you’d forgotten (or, like me, blocked it out), Metro fares are going up a(nother) quarter in 2011. Starting in January, a one-zone, peak-hour fare will cost $2.50. You can find the details here.

On the bright side, at least now the fares I paid back in the 80s will sound respectably old school to my kids.

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On the power of one (plus one, plus one, and another one…)

“At the time I was arrested I had no idea it would turn into this … It was just a day like any other day. The only thing that made it significant was that the masses of the people joined in.” – Rosa Louise MCauley Parks

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