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Ode to bus luh

OK, so it’s not an actual ode, but I needed a title, and the author of this poem took the good one.

A bus poem
“couple(t),” by Chris Blakely


It is, however, one of the top five bus poems I’ve seen–ever. Such economy of language! It took me over 400 words to describe the same phenomenon.

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Time for a transit bailout

It appears that the financial crisis is affecting transit agencies directly. From a Washington Post article (via: The Bellows):

[DC] Metro and 30 other transit agencies* across the country may have to pay billions of dollars to large banks as years-old financing deals unravel, potentially hurting service for millions of bus and train riders, transit officials said yesterday.

The problems are an unexpected consequence of the credit crisis, triggered indirectly by the collapse of American International Group, the insurance giant that U.S. taxpayers recently rescued from bankruptcy, officials said.

AIG had guaranteed deals between transit agencies and banks …

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Transit planning from the bottom up

Streetfilms recently posted a cool piece about the bus system in Boulder, Colorado. The city’s residents helped to plan–and even brand–the routes, and now they ride them in very high numbers. (The film‘s about six minutes and worth watching if you have the time.)

I’ve never ridden a bus in Boulder, but I have ridden in Aspen, where my bestest friend in the whole world now lives. The buses in Aspen are reasonably useful (at least they were to me, a visitor with limited needs) and FREE. I appreciate free transit for many reasons, but especially for …

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Transportation in the news

From Salon: “Who Says Americans Won’t Ride Mass Transit?”

The rise in mass transit ridership should be great news. Not since the OPEC oil embargo and energy crisis in the ’70s have famously car-centric Americans been so eager to shell out for a bus fare or a train ticket and leave the polluter in the driveway. Automobile transportation is one of the largest chunks of the country’s carbon footprint, so the more that Americans opt for trains and buses, the more that footprint could shrink.

But the news isn’t all that sunny. In fact, the mini-exodus from driving has …

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Where to stop for a pre-56 hot chocolate

A coffee, et cetera (actually, more like et cetera and coffee) shop on Admiral Way, west of California:

Coffee shop on Admiral Way
Alki Mail & Dispatch, on Admiral & 47th
Walk-up window
A “walk-up” window

How could I not stop? It had a door–actually, window–bell–and a very friendly owner. That figures. Anyone who designs his business for pedestrians has got to be good people.

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On moms, Montlake, and marketing

Today, on our visit to the Montlake library (five stamps down, 21 to go), Chicklet and I met another mother-daughter bus team in the children’s section. I chatted for a while with the mother, who lives in Eastlake, is part of a one-car family, and uses Metro to get around town with her 19-month old daughter. She’s expecting another baby in March, and she and her husband seriously considered buying a second car to accommodate their expanding family.

“But then I saw one of those new Metro ads,” she said. “They say, ‘I do make a difference by riding …

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SPL + Metro = one happy bus chick

If you’re a library geek like me (libraries might actually beat out buses on my list of favorite things), you surely already know about the Seattle Public Library’s passport program. For everyone else:

The library is issuing passports with a page for every library in the SPL system. The goal is for patrons to bring their passports to each branch to have them stamped, and in the process, to check out our new and improved community resources.

An SPL passport
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Pardon me … nevermind

Would-be bus (stop) mackers in the ID will have to start getting more creative (but not too creative!) with their opening lines. The time, you see, is available to everyone (everyone who can read roman numerals and tell time, that is), now that the clock at King Street Station is once again functional.

As if I wanted to know the exact number of minutes late my post-TAC 14 is.

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More good news on Third Avenue

Yesterday, the bus fam (that is, Chicklet, Nerd, and yours truly) hopped the 4 and headed to Seattle Center to attend a retro birthday party for my friend (and world-famous author) Sundee. Fellow natives of the 2-0-sickness: Remember back in the day, when the Center was the place to hang out in the summer (at 9: ferris wheel! at 13: cute boys!), and those rides and games at the Fun Forest seemed at least as good as Disneyland’s? My perspective has changed a bit since the 80s (about the Fun Forest and Disneyland), but I’m still sad that

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Upcoming events for transit types

Climate Lab – Transportation Shift

What: A sustainable transportation workshop hosted by Sustainable NE Seattle and the UUC Green Sanctuary Committee
When: Saturday, October 11, 2008, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm
Where: University Unitarian Church: 6556 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA
How much: Free


MEHVA Fall Foliage Tour
What: “A four-hour trip through the Cascade foothills along the quiet back roads of east King County”
When: Sunday, October 19 (My Gail‘s birthday!), 11 a.m.
Where: The tour starts at 2nd Ave S. & S. Main

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