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November Golden Transfer

Golden TransferThis month’s Golden Transfer goes to Sue Mariconda (aka “Susiepooh“), a New York City native who sold her car earlier this month (on 11/14, to be exact), and (wisely) signed up for the city’s One Less Car Challenge. Here’s what she had to say about her decision:

I didn’t even have a drivers license until I was 23 … didn’t even own a car until I was 30. Then I met a guy in NJ in the suburbs and needed a car. I became a car addict …

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From the horse’s mouth

Yesterday, Bob Ferguson, King County Councilmember from District 1 and Transportation Committee member, sent me some 2007 budget information that just might interest you:

The Council voted to phase out and eventually eliminate the “wrapped” busses where the windows are covered with advertising. … I received many complaints from riders who said they had a hard time seeing outside in the dark mornings and evenings. For others, the ride became disorienting without being able to see outside. … These wrapped busses will be gone by the end of next year.

Looks like Orin was …

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Eastbound 3, 7:20 PM

A coworker conversation:

“I have, like, negative four hours of sick time. I think they’re going to take it out of my vacation, which so pisses me off. The next time I’m sick, I’m going to show up at work, put my head down on my desk, and like, breathe all over everyone.”

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Weather weary

I was planning to use this evening’s post to write about all the snow-related bus craziness that has occurred in the last 24 hours, but I am easily bored with weather news and can’t bring myself to spend much time on the subject. As we all know, Seattle is hilly and not equipped to de-ice roads especially efficiently. This makes it difficult for folks to get around, in cars and on buses (even on foot), when it snows. Though I’d much rather ride than drive in bad weather (OK, in any weather), I will say that there are several ways …

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A good day for Puget Sound transit advocates (especially this one)

On the same day the Secretary of Transportation announced federal approval of the light rail extension to UW (another step on the way to federal funding), I was officially introduced to Car #2, the first of the Link rail cars to arrive in Seattle. (Car #1 was initially sent to New Mexico for speed testing and will be arriving shortly.)

Hey, good lookin'!

Sexy, no?

Richard Eacker, an electrical engineer on the project (and, incidentally, a faithful 255 rider), was kind enough to show me around the brand …

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‘Tis the season

More from Mr. Singer:

Happy Holidays!

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Bus Chick returns … merchandise

Sometimes, despite meticulous measuring, a bus-based couple buys two cabinet organizers that don’t quite fit into the cabinets that need organizing, and that couple must return said cabinet organizers to the store where they bought them. Fortunately, Saturday is a lower-ridership day for the 48, which means there’s plenty of room for bus-riding couples and their unwanted Rev-a-Shelf purchases. Unfortunately, empty 48s sometimes run ahead of schedule, which means that they arrive at stops slightly earlier than expected.

As if yesterday’s walk with the boxes wasn’t enough of a workout.

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The things she carried, part III

This afternoon, Bus Nerd and I took advantage of the empty buses (weekday schedule, not many people working) and headed down to Lowe’s to purchase some home-organization equipment. (Lowe’s is across the street from McDonald’s, so we got off at the same stop as the little girl from today’s earlier post. But I digress.) There were only three other people on the bus we took home, which meant there was plenty of room for the enormous boxes we had carried the two plus blocks from the Lowe’s exit to the closest northbound stop.

And they wonder why bus chicks …

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Southbound 48, 4:45 PM

Little girl, to the driver: “Are you going to take us to the McDonald’s?”

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The things she carried, part II

‘Bout to get on the 4 (Thanksgiving = holiday schedule in the middle of the week) to head over and kick it with the fam. I don’t have time write anything new (not that anyone’s reading today), so I thought I’d share last year’s Thanksgiving post (with a few minor edits) from my “old” blog:

Back when I lived in Houston, I spent several holidays in Baytown, Texas with my friend Monique. Baytown is about an hour east of the Big City on I-10 and is mostly known for its oil refineries and cheap gas–hardly bus-chick friendly. Still, …

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