October, 2020
City Inside Out: “Seattle Transit Tax (Prop 1)”

June, 2018
Civic Cocktail: “Head Tax + Transportation”

May, 2017
KBCS, “Unmute the Commute” series: “My Family and My Bus”

March, 2017
King County Metro: Transit Driver Appreciation Day video

March, 2017
KBCS “Unmute the Commute” series: “The Seattle Roots of Bus Driver Appreciation Day”

December, 2016
NPR’s All Things Considered: “Seattle Natives Identify Gentrification by Who’s Riding the Bus”

June, 2016
ParentMap, “Local Families Living off the Grid”

April, 2016
KBCS “What’s the Flux?” series: “Life Lessons Learned on the Bus”

February, 2016
KBCS “What’s the Flux?” series: “Finding Love on the Bus”

January, 2016
KBCS “What’s the Flux?” series: “Why My Family Lives Car-free”

January, 2016
KBCS “What’s the Flux?” series: “Bus Talk with Bus Chick”

December, 2015
KUOW’s The Record: “Rosa Parks’ Living Legacy”

June, 2015
Seattle’s Child: “Bus Chick’s Tips for Going Carfree with Kids in Seattle”

February, 2014
Seattle Magazine: “Is it Possible to Live Car-Free in Seattle?”

November, 2013
Streetsblog USA: “As Lawmakers Fail to Fund Transit, Seattle May Lose 74 Bus Routes”

November, 2012
ParentMap: “Play Date: Seattle ‘Bus Chick’ and mom Carla Saulter”

May, 2012
ParentMap: “Great Northwest Train Vacations for Families”

February, 2012
Seattle Magazine: “Conquering Your Commute”

February, 2012
ParentMap: “Seattle Summer Mini-Adventures for Kids”

December, 2011
KEXP’s “Mind over Matters” sustainability segment: Buses and community

August, 2011
KBCS 91.3’s “Voices of Diversity”: Public transportation and community (interview starts at 13:30)

March, 2011
KOMO “First News @ 4”: Green babies

January, 2011
BusRide Magazine: “Carless in Seattle”

December, 2010
Ballard News Tribune: “Coffee with Carla Saulter”

October, 2010
Streetfilms: “Voices from the Railvolution”

September, 2010
The Bob Edwards Show: “Bus Chick’s Manifesto,” an essay for This I Believe

August, 2010
KBCS FM’s “Voices of Diversity”: Reducing your carbon footprint

July, 2010
Seattle Metropolitan magazine’s “100 Reasons to Love Seattle”

March 3, 2009
Streetfilms: The rewards of the riding life

February 9, 2009
KUOW’s “Sound Focus”: Busing with a baby, part II
(Interview starts at 43:00.)

December 24th, 2008
PRI’s “The Takeaway”: Benefits of busing

November 20, 2008
KIRO’s “Too Beautiful to Live”: Bus fun

July 30, 2008
KBCS’s “Green ACRE Radio”: Car-free family life
(Interview starts at 1:26.)

Beginning July, 2008
King County Metro marketing campaign: “I do make a difference by riding the bus.”

January 25, 2008
KUOW’s “The Conversation”: Bus etiquette
(Interview starts at 22:22.)

December, 2007
KUOW’s “Sound Focus”: Busing with a baby
(Interview starts at 43:10.)

November, 2007
KUOW’s “Weekday”: King County bus fare increase

April, 2007
KUOW’s “The Conversation”: Buses in Western Washington
(Interview starts at 17:15.)

March, 2007
APTA video press release: 10 billion transit trips in 2006

December, 2006
Seattle Magazine: 2006 “Best of Seattle” issue