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July Golden Transfer

Golden Transfer, designed by Zach TuckerWay back in the beginning of the month, I took the 550 to Bellevue to pick up a Flexcar for a weekend rental. Because I’d been on a fairly long hiatus from my job on the Eastside, and because I had rushed to catch this particular 550, I completely forgot that a ride across the lake on a Sound Transit bus costs $2.50, a dollar more than my $1.50 pass.

Unfortunately, my wallet …

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Speaking of bus fouls…

Tonight’s 4 was slower than ever and packed with people, people committing every bus foul known to woman, including:

Foul• Refusing to move to the back, despite the fact that the bus was beyond capacity, and there were at least three empty seats back there.
• Eating smelly meals from styrofoam takeout containers (this is not just a bus foul–it’s against Metro’s rules).
• …

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The ultimate bus foul (or, “Grope this!)

It appears that male subway riders in New York are having trouble keeping their hands (and other body parts) to themselves.

In some ways, groping seems almost an accepted part of subway culture. Stephanie Vullo, 43, said she had dealt many times with men rubbing up against her or trying to touch her on crowded No. 4 or 5 trains in the morning when she takes her daughter to school.

- “Women Have Seen It All on Subway, Unwillingly,” The New York Times

This …

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Someday my bus will come

From 'Waiting for the bus'Remember when you were a little kid, and you were waiting for a parent to pick you up from some event, like a skating party or something, and your parent was really late, and you sat and watched your friends (with responsible parents) leave one by one, until finally it was just you and a (slightly annoyed) chaperone (“Are you sure you told them 8:00, dear?”), and you convinced yourself that your folks had either died or decided they were tired …

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Speaking of pets on buses…

I encountered this gentleman on the way to Barca on Saturday night:

Bus bunny
A tough guy and his bunny on the 10

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How cute is this?

I realize that not everyone is a fan of allowing our four-legged (or, in some cases, winged) friends on buses, but I couldn’t resist this picture, sent to my by Jessie, a newly minted Seattle bus chick who sometimes rolls with her dog, Zeus.

Zeus, chillin’ on the 11 on the way to Madison Park

I’m on the fence about Metro’s pro-pet stance. It seems …

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An interesting coincidence

Just days after personally witnessing an arrest by the county’s transit police, I found this article in the paper. I didn’t even know that the county had moved to a full-time force, but I hope they make sure it is staffed with reasonable, responsible people. The cops involved in the incident I saw were a tad smug and more eager than I thought was appropriate, but I wouldn’t say they used excessive force.

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Two great reasons (other than the sexy drivers) to get on the bus this weekend

1) The Bite:
A festival that celebrates food? Count me in!

You can’t take the Monorail, but there are many, many Metro buses that serve Seattle Center: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 24, 33 and 74. On Saturday and Sunday, Metro will provide direct shuttles from downtown and Northgate.

2) Seafair Indian Days Pow Wow:

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Speaking of bus drivers

Uncle SamThe big-haired, Shazza-lookin’ guy at the wheel during our handoff was definitely a candidate for the “Sexiest Driver” award. And while I’m at it, I’ve seen a few other sexy driver types this month:
• Midday on a Saturday: a lovely young woman (possibly a former shampoo model) handling her business on the northbound 48. (Can you tell I’m a fan of hair?)
• Friday afternoon: a super-fit muscleman …

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A different kind of bus pass

This morning, Busnerd called me at 6:45. He was on his way to Shilshole Marina (27+17+46) for a sailing adventure with his coworkers and wanted to bring his video camera. Unfortunately, he had left the camera at my place after our trip to the mountain a couple of weeks ago, and there wasn’t time for him to pick it up before he had to catch the 27.

Lucky for us, the 27 stops in front of my house, a few blocks west of …

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