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Speaking of football…

OK, so the Seahawks lost yesterday, but we all know the preseason ain’t about winning. For this bus chick, the preseason is all about Seneca Wallace. But I digress.

I can’t believe it’s about to be football season again. It seems like just yesterday that Busnerd and I headed off on our Super Bowl XL adventure, carrying with us the hopes of our fellow Seattleites, including (and especially) a very enthusiastic 2 rider.

January 23rd, 2006

At least one of us never had any doubt

A couple of Saturdays ago, DBH [aka Busnerd] …

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One bus I’ll be glad to miss

Jerome “the Bus” Bettis, Seahawk destroyer

Yes indeed, ladies and gentleman, the NFL preseason has begun, sans Pittsburgh’s “Bus.” Just for fun, I went to the Allegheny County Port Authority site to see if the city has a real #36. In fact, it has four:

36 A: Mount Lebanon-Banksville
36 B: Virginia Manor
36 C: Green Tree
36 D: Westwood

Don’t ask me why they name their routes like bra sizes instead of just using different numbers. I …

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From a 7 to three sixes

Despite the fact that I am not a fan of advertisements or of horror flicks, I am totally digging Sound Transit’s creative new ad campaign. The ads, which I’ve seen on billboards and the sides of ST buses, show pictures of monsters and zombies, once-normal people who turned to the dark side after one too many hours in traffic. The slogans are reasonably clever pseudo horror movie titles, stuff like: It Came from Issaquah, Phantom of Tacoma, and The Creature from Edmonds.

Here’s the one that was on my bus home tonight:

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Take the 7 to travel back in time

Most people hate going to the dentist, but I always look forward to it. Of course, this is probably not a surprise to the people who know me, since my preferences trend outside the mainstream. (My brother Jeremy once said to me, “Carla, your ‘cute’ is everyone else’s ‘daaaaaaaaaaaaang’!”) In this case, though, I have a good reason to like my dentist: She is also my friend.

I’ve known Kelley since I was six years old, back when her father was my dentist and she and I were first-grade classmates. Back in the day, I liked going to …

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Beyond buses

Real Change recently interviewed Anthony Flint, author of This Land: The Battle over Sprawl and the Future of America. Here are some excerpts from the discussion:

Real Change: What are the effects of sprawl on the environment?

Anthony Flint:
Twenty-five million acres of land between 1982 and 1997 succumbed to suburban development. That is a lot of wildlife habitat [and] farmland that has disappeared. It is a lot of pollution from cars, which are necessary to get around in these dispersed environments, though it has not been enough to change anybody’s mind about sprawl until …

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What’s the opposite of a Golden Transfer?

Whatever it is (I need to marinate for a few days to come up with just the right name), the guy who drove my morning 48 today certainly earned one. He was just plain mean to a poor, innocent newbie who asked (politely) how to use the bike rack, barking unclear instructions at him and then honking–angrily and repeatedly–when the newbie’s performance didn’t meet with his approval. When the honking failed to convey his crystal-clear message, he stormed off the bus and (I will assume, since I couldn’t see) performed the job himself. I am certain that there was more …

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Seafair weekend, Bus Chick style

Saturday, 8/5

Umoja bus
Metro on parade at Umojafest

Umoja parade
This year was more of the usual: classic cars, kiddie drill teams, and frats and sororities stepping. One thing that was new to me (perhaps because I rarely sit through an entire parade): Metro participated, providing decorated, articulated, hybrid buses to transport parade officials–at least I think they were parade officials. Whoever they were, they were passing out balloons to the kids.

• Errand at Northgate
I …

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Speaking of nightmares…

'Transportation Policy,' by Andy Singer

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A bus chick’s nightmare

No doubt due to the recent rash of extremely (and inexplicably) late buses, last night I dreamed I was waiting for the bus.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

In the dream, I had convinced one of my bus-averse girlfriends to ride with me, and she had brought a date. (Of course, the woman in the dream did not in any way resemble the girlfriend in question, but somehow, I knew it was her. You know how it goes.) So there we were, standing at a bus stop I didn’t recognize (not even in the …

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Public transit agencies: Get your Betty Wright on!

Betty Wright album pic, from CD UniverseAccording to the Pew Research Center, Americans are finding their cars “less enjoyable” these days.

Today 69% of American drivers say they like to drive, down from 79% in a 1991 Gallup survey. And just 23% say they consider their car “something special — more than just a way to get around,” barely half of the 43% who felt this way in 1991.

Sounds to me like a good opportunity for sexier option (a metaphorical clean-up woman) to lure …

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