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More carrots and sticks

This time, I’ll start with the stick:

Jeremy and Joel
The victim and the vigilante

In the middle of the night on Thursday/Friday, one of my younger brothers happened to look out his kitchen window in time to catch two people breaking into the car of my other younger brother (they’re roommates). He (the first little brother) ran them off and then stayed up for hours to wait for the police and fill out the report. This is fourth car break-in/theft they’ve …

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Another “ism” that plagues our society

This week’s Real Change column is about “carism,” the ways in which the infrastructure and attitudes prevalent in American cities (ours included) force the use of cars as the primary mode of transportation. (A more accurate term would probably be something like “transportation mode-ism,” but it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and I think mine’s more fun.)

Some examples of carism I mention in my column:
• The lack of sidewalks and bike paths
• The amount of our city’s land that could be used for residences, services, businesses, or even open space that is instead …

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Still more on mommies

This time, mine.

In honor of Mother’s Day, my March 29th Real Change column:

Back on the 8

Every time I hear Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” I am transported to the house where I grew up and to the joy of dancing in the living room with my father on a Saturday afternoon. “The Men All Pause” by Klymaxx reminds me of my older sister, Carey, gorgeous and powerful and singing along with the record player in our childhood bedroom. Anything by Black Sheep takes me back to my college days, when my girlfriend, Monique, …

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Bus fouls

Last week’s Real Change column was all about bus fouls. (What can I say? It’s playoff season, and I’ve got basketball on the brain. Go Pistons!) In case you forgot to buy a Real Change last week, here’s the entry:

In the NBA, a player who commits six personal fouls is ejected from the game. A player who accumulates16 technical fouls in a season is suspended (without pay) for a game and then suspended for every other technical foul he commits (the 18th, the 20th, and so on) thereafter. If only Metro would institute similar rules for those …

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Caffeine is a kind of fuel

I caught the 14 outside of a Starbucks yesterday. The guy who got on behind me asked the bus driver to give him a free ride downtown, and she obliged. This would not have been especially unusual, except that he spent the entire ride in the very front of the bus (within sight of the driver) slurping loudly from the triple-deluxe-super-macked-out-chocolatey-explosion he had purchased while waiting for said free ride.

I understand that there are circumstances when people are not able to pay the bus fare. (Shoot, even bus chicks find themselves in a pinch from time to time.) …

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