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More service!

I’m still in Detroit, so I almost forgot that the first phase of service improvements funded by Transit Now took effect today. Here’s a summary of the changes:

Route 8 – Adding several trips during the morning and afternoon commute to offer bus service every 15 minutes on the portion of this route between Seattle Center and Capitol Hill;
Route 44 – Adding early evening service on weekdays to achieve a 15-minute frequency for Ballard, Wallingford and the University District;
Route 101 – Adding three trips to relieve overcrowding and provide better connections at the Renton Transit …

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More train pictures!

If Monday’s hurried snapshots didn’t satisfy your appetite for light rail construction photos, check out this Seattle Times gallery.

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From the horse’s mouth

Yesterday, Bob Ferguson, King County Councilmember from District 1 and Transportation Committee member, sent me some 2007 budget information that just might interest you:

The Council voted to phase out and eventually eliminate the “wrapped” busses where the windows are covered with advertising. … I received many complaints from riders who said they had a hard time seeing outside in the dark mornings and evenings. For others, the ride became disorienting without being able to see outside. … These wrapped busses will be gone by the end of next year.

Looks like Orin was …

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A good day for Puget Sound transit advocates (especially this one)

On the same day the Secretary of Transportation announced federal approval of the light rail extension to UW (another step on the way to federal funding), I was officially introduced to Car #2, the first of the Link rail cars to arrive in Seattle. (Car #1 was initially sent to New Mexico for speed testing and will be arriving shortly.)

Hey, good lookin'!

Sexy, no?

Richard Eacker, an electrical engineer on the project (and, incidentally, a faithful 255 rider), was kind enough to show me around the brand …

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Transit, now (or at least in a couple of months)

Now that prop 2 has passed (thanks, Saulty!), the folks at the county are busy making plans to expand bus service. The first changes will happen in February (even before the tax increase takes effect). Here’s what the County Kingpin tells us we can expect in the near term:

Route 8 – Several trips would be added at the edges of the peak periods and would operate between Seattle Center and Capitol Hill, the most heavily-used segment of this route

Route 44 – Early evening service on weekdays would be revised (one trip added in …

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A sibling agreement

Saulty and Bus Chick, last Tuesday:

Saulty: “The election isn’t today is it?”
Bus Chick: “Nope–next week.”
Saulty: “Good. I thought I forgot to vote.”
Bus Chick: “Hey, speaking of … make sure you vote for Transit Now.”
Saulty: “What’s that, and why should I care?”

Bus Chick proceeds to explain all the reasons Saulty should vote yes on Proposition 2.

Saulty: “That sounds cool. I’ll vote for it, but only if you vote no on that strip club thing.”


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The Seahawks in the Super Bowl, and now this

My long-suffering Seattle brethren (and sisteren): Almost exactly 12 hours ago, the first of Sound Transit’s 35 Central Link light rail cars was delivered to the Port of Everett. Oh happy, happy, happy day!

Seattle's first light rail car! (Source: Lee Somerstein)

Buses, don’t worry. You’ll always be my first love.

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Some historical perspective

From an article in the April, 1967 issue of the original Seattle Magazine (“Just This, or Rapid Transit, Too?”):

[Seattle Mayor] Braman makes it no secret that he wants to be remembered as the mayor who brought rapid transit to Seattle… His attempts to arouse public interest in the project date back to the spring of 1965…

If you want to get some real context, HistoryLink has several interesting articles about the history of transportation in Seattle. (You’ll find more if you use broader search terms than I did.) For a quick-and-dirty overview, they also …

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No time like the present

Today I ran into my friendly neighborhood county councilman in the grocery store. We got to talking (brace yourselves for this shocking news) about transit and its importance in his (my) district. He told me that transit regularly ranks among his constituents’ top three priorities.

After I returned from the store, I got around to reading the Sound Transit E-Wave newsletter that’s been sitting in my inbox since Friday. (More shocking news: I sometimes get behind on my transit agency newsletters.) The “headline” story was a summary of the public comments Sound Transit has received about ST2 thus …

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Teaching a bus chick to fish

I recently contacted Jim (as in, “public transportation adventure” Jim) to find out if he knew how to get to Gleneden Beach, Oregon by bus, train, or any combination of the two (more on this later). Within a single business day, he sent me two possible itineraries. He also sent some resources that will help me plan my own public transportation adventures in the future:

• A list of Washington public transit systems, by region (from WSDOT)
• A list of US public transit systems, by state (from the American Public Transit Association)

Thanks, …

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