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The Big Green Bus comes to Seattle!

It appears that this will be a weekend of celebrations, what with the hydroplane races (not really my flavor, but hey), Umojafest, and a great, big bus party. Check it:

SEATTLE, Wash. – Eleven Dartmouth College students, a bus powered by vegetable-oil waste, and one monumental goal makes for the summer’s most wicked road trip. On a mission to empower Americans to reduce their environmental impact, the Big Green Bus will travel over 12,000+ miles, visiting 45 cities, including a stop in Seattle, on Saturday, August 4 from 5 p.m. – midnight, at evo.

… The …

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More about walkability

Now that's my kind of sidewalk. There's even a bench.Last week I posted a link to, a website that calculates the walkability of a given address based on the number of stores and other amenities within–you guessed it!–walking distance. It’s a cool site (and probably accurate in most cases), but I’m hoping it will eventually evolve to something a bit more sophisticated. The thing is, walkability is about a lot more than how many stores are in your neighborhood. For me, it’s about the safety, convenience, and general pleasantness …

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