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You know you’re a bus chick if…

A bus chick (created by Lin Lucas)• You carry an all-purpose bag with you everywhere you go.

• Aside from your bus pass, your wallet contains at least two of the following items:
o Library card.
o Co-op membership card.
o Car-sharing membership card.
o The phone number of someone who recently chatted you up at a stop.

• You consider any distance under a mile to be “a short walk.”

• You’ve memorized Metro’s rider information number and/or web address, and at least one bus schedule.

• You’ve memorized …

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It doesn’t take a fancy British guy…

to convince me that men who conserve–both the earth’s resources and their own money–are sexy. But maybe some of the rest of you could use a nudge.

From the World Carfree Network‘s e-newsletter:

“I was asked at a lecture by a young woman about what she could do and I told her stop admiring young men in Ferraris. What I was saying is you have got to admire people who are conserving energy and not those willfully using it.”

-Sir David King, UK’s chief scientific advisor, on how the world would
be a greener place if …

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More (sort of) good news

Gas pump (Photo credit: Justin Sullivan)From this evening’s All Things Considered:

For the first time in years, people are buying a little less gasoline in America. Analysts say it may be a sign that high prices and a slowing economy are beginning to change people’s driving habits.

Since the beginning of this year, gasoline consumption has fallen about half a percent, according to the Department of Energy.


Doug MacIntyre, who has studied gas consumption at the Department of Energy since the 1980s, says he thinks people may be …

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Each one, teach one

I didn’t award a Golden Transfer for February–not because there weren’t deserving candidates, but because I couldn’t make it to my computer on the last day of the month–so here’s a bit of good news that I think deserves recognition.

From Laura in Eastlake, a bike-riding bus chick (or should I say bus-riding bike chick?):

I want to share a positive Metro experience with you. Last week, from Saturday the 23rd through Friday the 29th, my sister visited me here in Seattle from Richmond, VA. In Richmond, the automobile is king and bus service is paltry, …

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