Thank you, Sister Rosa

In honor of the 55th anniversary of my shero‘s momentous arrest:

I love the Neville Brothers and this tribute, but it does perpetuate the myth of Mrs. Parks as a “simple seamstress” with tired feet. Any cursory study of her life will uncover a very different story.

P.S. – Chicklet thinks this song is for her, since in our house, she’s Sister Rosa.

“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds, will continue in others.” – Rosa Parks

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  1. miws

    I was down at South Base just yesterday helping to clean the Historic Coaches for the upcoming MEHVA Santa’s Lights Tour. I was the seat washer, wiping down seats with a dampened, soapy, cloth.

    One of the coaches I helped clean was the GM Old Look, #263, our version of the “Rosa Parks Bus”. It was nice to take a moment and reflect, at the memorial decal marking “Rosa’s” seat on the coach, on the impact that her actions that day had on our society.

    It was also nice to have that opportunity just a few days after the anniversary of the event.

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