A repeat performance

In January, I wrote:

Yesterday, in the spirit of celebrating the Seahawks’ first playoff win in over 20 years, DBH [known to PI readers as Bus Nerd] and I decided to brave the rain and go out to one of our favorite restaurants. As we waited for the bus after dinner, I noticed a half-eaten bag of chips on the ledge underneath the display window of a neighboring store. I would have assumed it was litter, but the bag was rolled down neatly and placed out of the direct sight of passersby, as if someone had left it there for safekeeping. I found it odd enough to point out to DBH.

Our bus driver for the evening was a man we recognized from another route–one that takes us to a doughnut/coffee shop we like. The stop where we got on is at the end of the line, and there is usually a short layover between the end of one run and the beginning of another. He let us on the bus and then got off, returning a few moments later with his mouth covered in crumbs and his hand buried deep in the very bag of chips I had just noticed on the ledge.

I will leave you to furnish your own explanation.

Last night, we took the 14 to Top Pot (the doughnut/coffee shop mentioned above) and saw none other than the chip-eating driver. This was not especially surprising, since, on the days he drives the 14, he always announces the Top Pot stop, and sometimes, he drops in to grab a snack on his layover. Last night he was apparently off duty, so he ate in. While the rest of us gobbled sugary, greasy confections, the chip-eating driver partook of: an orange. As far as I know, Top Pot doesn’t even sell oranges.

Perhaps he had stashed it on a nearby ledge.