Thanks for the ride!

I have this thing: I can’t get off a bus without thanking the driver. I started doing it when I was little (my parents were big on manners), and it just stuck. By now, it’s a reflex. I say it if the driver is rude or reckless, if he or she is too busy or too preoccupied to hear me, even if I get off the back door (in that case, I yell it). Other riders say it doesn’t even cross their minds. Why thank someone for doing her job?

What do you think?

Riders: Are you “thankers”?

Drivers (if there are any out there): Do you appreciate it when riders thank you, or do you get tired of saying, “You’re welcome” to overly polite Seattleites all day?

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the ride!

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  2. Dick Ellingson

    I drive for Metro and thank everyone when they board and when they get off. And everyone gets a greeting and a byebye.

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