MLK Day recap

8 AM: Hot chocolate and Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday Dr. King” on repeat.

Noon: 8 (that bus that just happens to run on Martin Luther King Junior Way), southbound, to Franklin for the march.

LPK at the march
Laura “Piece” Kelley was one of the many amazing people in the crowd.

2 PM: 8, northbound, to Seattle Center for the CD Forum‘s staged reading of Dr. King’s 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

3:15 PM: Monorail to Westlake, for the first time in at least 15 years. (It sure seemed a lot cooler back in the day.)

3:45 PM: 27 home.

6 PM: 27 back downtown for birfday dinner.

9:40 PM: 14 (plus a short walk) home.

10:30 PM: CAKE!

* * * * * * * *

MLK Day march, 07
The power of one