Streetfilms on a big screen

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this great Streetfilms series ever since they launched it way back in February.

Moving Beyond the Automobile is a ten part video series which explores solutions to the problem of automobile dependency. It’s a visual handbook that will help guide policy makers, advocacy organizations, teachers, students, and others into a world that values pedestrian plazas over parking lots and train tracks over highways. Cars were then, and this is now. Welcome to the future.

Now, I have a really good reason: Mr. Streetfilms, Clarence Eckerson, is in town, and he wants to watch it with you. Check it.

An Evening with Clarence Eckerson
What: A “special showing of a select lineup of shorts [which] will include a first time public showing of films from [Streetfilms’] new 10-part series, Moving Beyond the Automobile, and will feature commentary and a post-film Q&A with filmmaker Clarence Eckerson Jr.”
Where: REI Seattle (222 Yale Street)
When: Friday, April 29th, 7 PM
How much: $7 (Members of sponsor orgs get a discount on advance ticket purchases.)

I’m going (absolutely would not miss it). Hope to see you there.