Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road (please!), part II

Congratulations, Shannon!Last night, we left work early to attend Bus Nerd’s Godson Shannon’s graduation from Ingraham (545 + 41+ 346). Thanks to Friday evening traffic, we were running late, so late that we were afraid we were going to miss Shannon’s walk. Fortunately, two young men who rode the 346 with us were also late to the graduation. They used their Sidekick to keep in touch with their graduate, and I used my eavesdropping skills to figure out just how much we had missed. (“She says it’s hella crowded–oh, the principal just gave his speech.”) Thank goodness for modern technology (and teenage texting trife).

Unfortunately, the young men with the Sidekick weren’t the only folks making use of handheld devices. Our 346 driver spiced up the ride by driving one-handed while chatting on his cellie.

Come on, man. If you’re going to go there, at least get a headset.

3 thoughts on “Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road (please!), part II

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  2. Hayley

    I’m looking into urban transit stuff and somehow ended up here, on this old post. My jaw dropped because look, it’s Shannon! I played in the IHS marching band with him–was not expecting to see his face tonight. Cool blog, weird coincidence!

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