Southbound 48, 3 PM, cont’d

A continuation of last Thursday’s post:

Girl 2 asks to play the guitar, to show the boy a song she’s been describing. She takes it and plays for a minute, until Girl 1 grabs it and announces, “I’m going to play a song for the bus.” She starts strumming and sing-talking from her seat. Some sample lyrics:

“We’re on the bus.
“Look at all these people.
“There’s a guy with a hat.”

You get the idea.

The only people (besides me, ever in others folks’ business) who seemed to be paying her any mind were Girl 2 and the boy the guitar belonged to.

By the time we reached Cherry, she had tired of her song and turned her attention to the length of the ride.

Girl 1: “Are we there yet?”
Girl 2: No, we’re not even in the South End yet. This is the Central District.”
Girl 1: “Where are we going again?”
Girl 2: “The 2100 building. It’s down on Rainier.”

I’m going to have to find out more about this 2100 Building. It also happened to be the destination of the lost passenger I rode with earlier this month.