Southbound 48, 3 PM

A group of teenagers is sitting in the elevated, side-facing section of an articulated bus. Most of them seem to know each other, except one of the boys, who is holding an acoustic guitar as if he’s about to start playing. This sparks a conversation with two of the girls across from him.

Girl 1 (gesturing to the other kids sitting near her): “These are our roommates.”

Boy: “You live with all those people?”

Girl 2: “Yep. Up in the U District. It’s a queer house. Everybody who lives there is gay…oh, except for Paul, and Annette, and Julie*. Actually, I guess everybody’s straight but me and [pointing to Girl 1] her.”

Girl 1: “Yeah, and I’m a halfie.”

Girl 2: “Yeah. You’re a halfie. You hit with both sides of the bat.”

(*These were not the actual names used–not because I’m adhering to any journalistic principle–but because I can’t remember them. ;)