Eastbound 4, 3:05 PM

A bus-wide discussion about how hot everyone is (par for the course on any [non-air-conditioned] Seattle bus on any day above 80 degrees) is in full swing before we even reach Harborview. Folks express all the usual (uninteresting) weather-related sentiments, until a middle-aged man sitting directly behind the driver adds his two cents.

“I’m about to go home and get naked. Yep, I’m going to get naked with a little, tiny fan.”

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5 Responses to Eastbound 4, 3:05 PM

  1. jkh1948 says:

    This could be titled “Too Much Information.”

  2. Debbie Holt says:

    Is the bus fam ok ? Just a note cause its been a month since the last post. We are praying everything is so lovely you just haven’t had time to post. Or perhaps you took a vacation ?? In any case we are thinking of you all and still thanking you for showing us how good out can be carless. Russ n Debbie

    • BusChick says:

      Hi Debbie,

      We’re all well, thanks for asking. I’ve been bad about blogging for quite a while, but I plan to do better starting next month.

      We had a wonderful, fun- (and bus-) filled summer. I hope you did, too.

      • Debbie Holt says:

        We have indeed! We went totally carefree last november ,Thanks to your blog taking the fear out of it for me, and making my husband very very happy! happy fall !! Russ n Debbie