6 thoughts on “Bad luggage!

  1. Barbara Pett

    Is that a Link car? I took my first Link ride to SeaTac right after it opened. I emailed Transit asking why there were no overhead luggage racks since so many people take Link to the airport. Their response was that riders should use the wheelchair/elderly seat area unless someone needed them.

    I guess I got the wrong information!

  2. BusChick Post author

    @Barbara: I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the work-around. I heard a rumor several months back that they were going to let people put luggage where the bikes go (OK, and now I’m going to have to admit that I don’t know where the bikes are supposed to go), but I think there was too much backlash from bike nerds.

    @jkh1948 Heh. I really don’t enjoy riding transit (especially buses) with a lot of stuff–especially with kids. I rarely do it, but you can’t avoid taking suitcases to the airport. (Well, I guess you could but…) Either I’m taking up more space than I should, which makes me feel guilty/embarrassed, or I have to pile all of it on or under me, which makes me uncomfortable.

    I’m not really mad at the folks with the suitcases, since no one elderly or disabled was on the train (as far as I could tell). But still, it was a funny picture.

  3. jkh1948

    Taking the bus or the Link to the airport is still way cheaper than a taxi or Shuttle, and works just fine if all you have is one piece of luggage, such as when my sis & I jumped on a plane to Spokane to be with our dad when our mom had a stroke.

  4. Tab

    Reminds me of the time though that I was traveling with bags on a bus and went through an extreme contortion to get things between my legs and then my lap. I was impressed with myself. Then some other guy also heading to the airport boards, takes one glance at me and throws his long duffle bag on the two seats next to me, then darts to sit in the back. Dirty glares from everyone boarding after that result.

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