It’s not that community college in Tacoma, but it does offer classes

Today, I met with Rachel from Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC, for the sake of my weary fingers) at Red Line on Capitol Hill. Seattle doesn’t have a red line, but we will if the folks at Rachel’s organization have anything to say about it. (OK, maybe not a red line: Check out this funny article about LA’s subway-color debate.)

As is my custom, I digress.

TCC is a nonprofit organization that advocates for true transportation choices–not just public transportation, but also better infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians–in Washington State. TCC works with legislators and government agencies to influence policy. It also works directly with citizens–by educating them about transportation alternatives and by keeping them abreast of policy decisions.

That’s where Rachel comes in. She is the fabulous field manager of this fabulous organization, and boy does she ever know her stuff! In a one-hour conversation with her, I learned more about how regional transportation is funded and run than I have learned in months of independent Internet research. (OK, so I’m not a big fan of ginormous .pdf files, but still.)

And here’s the best news: You can learn from Rachel, too, and you don’t even have to meet her at Red Line (though you’ll be missing out on the delicious hot sandwiches). All you have to do is sign up for TCC’s traveling (go figure) “Transportation, 101” course. Here’s the description:

Transportation 101 will answer these burning questions and more…

Who are the major transportation players in the Puget Sound region?

What decisions will be HOT in 2006?

Is Sound Transit going to the ballot this year? What about Metro?

How can I get involved?

Most of these events are done brown-bag style over lunch, but we can also do morning or evening. Invite your fellow employees or community groups – no size is too big or too small. All you need to do is invite your folks and bring your lunch – we’ll take care of all the materials. This is a great opportunity to get all your transportation questions answered, as well as learn about what’s on tap for the next year or two.

For more information, e-mail Rachel.