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Caption it!

The Bus Fam’s off to spend a few days in the Motor City, during which we will hopefully participate in (or eavesdrop on*) many a bus-wide discussion.

In the meantime, please help me with a caption for this lovely photo Bus Nerd snapped while we waited for the 4 on Memorial Day.

Gone fishin'
Northbound 4/48 stop (23rd & Yesler), 3:40 PM

You will note that Nerd is more respectful and considerate than I; he chose to include only feet and legs in this one.

As always, the best caption wins the envy and admiration of the rest of us, less clever, transit geeks.

* It doesn’t actually count as eavesdropping if it’s a bus-wide discussion, but you get me.

And the winner is…

I’m going with DreadPoetJethro and his bus/shoe haiku:

Convenient FlexShoe
Gets you to destinations
Where buses don’t go

What’s with the popularity of haiku these days? I haven’t written one since fourth grade. Of course, I’m not exactly a talent in the poetry department… I digress.

I especially enjoyed DPJ’s follow-up poem:

Oops! FlexShoe is now
Known by newer name: ZipShoe
(They added Velcro)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still missing “FlexShoe.”

Caption it!

You guys did such a great job with the rooster photo that I’ve decided to let you have a go at this one, taken last week at 5th & Jackson:

Which bus goes to the Summit?

Best caption (as judged by me–with perhaps a bit of input by Bus Nerd) wins, well…nothing. We’ll all think you’re really cool and clever, though.