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Walking to pre-K, 8:15 AM

Chicklet, upon passing a photo of the President: “I wish the 578 would take us to Washington, DC.”

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Babies, on bus schedules

The three of us (Chick, Chicklet, and Busling) are putting on shoes, jackets, and et cetera, preparing to head out and catch the 8. Chicklet, who has no rival in the dawdling department, is (per usual) taking forever. She resists instructions to take a preventative trip to the restroom, puts her shoes on the wrong feet, pauses to play with dinosaur figurines recently strewn around the entry, and manages to misplace one of her mittens.

While I’m zipping Busling’s jacket, she disappears into the bedroom. I call for her to come back and put on her hat.
She …

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Children’s Museum play bus, 12:15 PM (or, What happens when you read The Wizard of Oz to a BCiT from the CD)

Chicklet, pretending to drive: “Next stop, 23rd & Oz! Yellow Brick Road.”

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