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Caught slippin’

This morning, I had a meeting at 2nd & Jackson at 8 AM and so had to catch the 14 at 23rd & Jackson at 7:44 AM. When I got to the bus stop (a few minutes early, as usual), I immediately took out my pass. Then I sat down to wait, clutching it with the confidence and satisfaction of a transit geek who’s got an annual, peak-fare pass and is ready to use it.

Except, my friends, it was no longer a peak-fare pass. (Ahem.)

This morning’s ride was my first peak trip since the fare increase, …

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Upcoming events for transit types

Actually–very upcoming. These are both happening today.

Fare (pun intended) hearing
What: ST’s holding a public hearing about their proposed light rail fares.
When: Today, Tuesday, February 5th, from noon to 12:30 PM
Where: Union Station, Ruth Fisher Board Room, 401 S. Jackson
Additional information: From ST: “The public’s comments will be presented to the Sound Transit Board in February 2009 for consideration in setting Link’s fare structure and pricing. The Board’s decision is expected in spring 2009.” If you can’t attend the hearing, you can e-mail your feedback.

Zipcar open house
What: …

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Thank you, Miss Rosa

On a happier note:

Today is the 96th anniversary of the birth of Rosa Parks. In honor:

A video of her 1980 appearance on To Tell the Truth, posted by Seth T. and sent to me by Eric S., a 358 rider from the north end.

I find it somewhat odd that she was on a show where the aim is to pick her out of group; I just assumed that everyone knew what she looked like. Who hasn’t seen this photo?

– A yarn named after her, sent to me by Vanessa N., a

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The transit paradox: more riders, less service

An excellent (if depressing) article in the NYT:

Transit systems across the country are raising fares and cutting service even when demand is up with record numbers of riders last year, many of whom fled $4-a-gallon gas prices and stop-and-go traffic for seats on buses and trains.


Their problem is that fare-box revenue accounts for only a fifth to a half of the operating revenue of most transit systems — and the sputtering economy has eroded the state and local tax collections that the systems depend on to keep running. “We’ve termed it the ‘transit paradox,’ ” said …

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