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The bus family takes a drive

Over the long weekend, we bus types did the Zipcar thing and spent Saturday hiking on Mount Rainier. In the old days (back when it was just Bus Nerd and me), our Tahoma adventures included hard hikes (for which we were rewarded with breathtaking views) and overnight camping. These days, we stick to easy day hikes and settle for great views. I miss our grown-up trips, but I do enjoy bringing the little ones. Exposing Chicklet and Busling to the beauty of the natural world is good for them in all kinds of ways. I hope it will also …

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Westbound 14 stop @ 23rd & Jackson, 5:05 PM

Older gentleman waiting nearby, after some initial pleasantries: “You in love with somebody?”
Bus Chick: “I’m married.”
Older gent: “That’s not what I asked.”

Touché. And yes.

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One great way to celebrate Independence Day

Looking for motivation to decrease your auto dependence this summer? Take the city’s Walk Bike Ride Challenge.

We’re asking you to walk, bike and ride more to work, shop and play and cut two car trips a week from July 4 to July 31.

This is a fun and simple way to try out more of your transportation options. We’re having a drawing, with prizes including a $1,500 electric bike (provided by REI and e-Moto), a $250 gift certificate to REI, an overnight stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle, a …

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