Bus Driver Appreciation Day, 2011

Green beer and pinching are all well and good, but that’s just the warm-up to March’s most important holiday. Folks, tomorrow, March 18th, is the day to say thanks to all the hard-working men and women who do what it takes to get you where you’re going. Some manage to do it while adding a little flavor or humor to the ride. Others while (no disrespect to my Bus Nerd) looking ridiculously good. There’s an 8 driver out there who really needs to be in some sort of calendar. And while we’re on the subject: Why is there never a Stranger’s Sexiest category for bus drivers?

I digress.

Fellow transit types, go forth, and appreciate. But no pinching!

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4 Responses to Bus Driver Appreciation Day, 2011

  1. Jeff Welch says:

    Thanks, Carla for spreading the “bus-luh” to drivers on BDAD!

    • BusChick says:

      But of course! And, your point (via Twitter) about submitting commendations was a good one. I definitely don’t do that enough. The most recent time was about a year ago. That driver was so great, I looked forward to my monthly TAC meeting just so I could see her.

  2. BusChick says:

    On Friday, I rode a lot of buses–27, 3, 8, 4, 27–so I had the opportunity to acknowledge a lot of drivers. (I also rode the Monorail but didn’t see that driver.) Chicklet, who was with me for most of the rides, caught on quickly, and took to hollering, “Happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day! as we exited. That’s my girl!

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