snOMG, pedestrian edition

One of the things I appreciate about living in the city is that I’m never far from basic necessities. So, times like now (when even buses are down for the count), I can still walk to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the library, and et cetera. At least, theoretically I can.


Slippery sidewalks in Seattle

Slippery sidewalks are bad for bus riders

Don’t even get me started on the hills.

Several of my readers have asked me to remind Seattle folk that property owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses. (In case you care, the requirement is spelled out in section 15.48.010 of the Seattle Municipal Code.) I happen to think this is impractical for several reasons*, not the least of which is the fact that (if we are to judge by the condition of the sidewalks) no one seems to know this.

But, in the absence of any concerted campaign by the city to inform citizens of this rule, we pedestrians must take matters into our own hands.

Psst! You have to shovel your own sidewalk. Pass it on!

*Who’s in charge of the bus stops? The sidewalks in front of parks? The stretches of sidewalk with no adjacent homes or businesses? Those folks aren’t doing any shoveling!

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  1. jkh1948

    When it started to snow on Monday, I was at my dad’s house, And I stayed there, “for the duration.” On Wednesday my sister, car equipped with studded tires, drove my to my apartment so I could pick up a couple of things. I discovered that NOBODY in this Seattle Housing Authority facility had swept/shoveled the walkways or sprinkled deicer or even traction compound. This is a building occupied by the elderly and disabled, most of whom are a little unsteady on our feet. Why on earth wasn’t our very real basic need attended to? You can bet I’ll be sending a letter to “Whoever, Wherever,” very soon.

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