Transportation round-up

  • The Best Bus Ride finalists have been selected. (I’ve already completed my official judging duties, which I thoroughly enjoyed.) You can vote for the people’s choice winner here. Voting ends Saturday, 11/20.  
  • now has video profiles of local undrivers. Love. I’ve just added Merlin Rainwater and Betty Holman to my list of sheroes.
  • Got ideas about how to improve transit in Seattle? SDOT wants to hear them. The city is in the process of updating its Transit Master Plan* and needs lots of feedback from citizens. (FYI, this citizen is a member of the TMP advisory committee. I’m certainly looking forward to providing my feedback.)
  • Community Transit hopes to prevent further service cuts with its new “Buy local for transit” program.
  • A real-time ridesharing pilot will start on the 520 corridor in January. If you’re interested in participating, sign up here.
  • The DOT has released a series of powerful videos to discourage distracted driving.


*This is not to be confused with the Seattle Planning Commission’s Seattle Transit Communities report, which I unfortunately haven’t read yet.

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4 Responses to Transportation round-up

  1. Merlin Rainwater says:

    Wow, I’m thrilled to be your shero! You’re one of mine too!

  2. Betty Holman says:

    I am honored to be one of your “Sheroes”. Bussing is an adventure and sometimes a challenge. But Fun and helping to save the environment by not using my car and meeting such wonderful people on my travels.
    Thanks, Betty Holman

  3. Chris says:

    I have to vote for the 120 as best route. The view from the West Seattle bridge and industrial Duwamish inspire me even on the cloudiest of days. And then you come in on the viaduct with views of Elliott Bay and into the windows of downtown Seattle. All of this on a busy and wonderfully diverse bus that comes every 15 minutes.