Baby bus pass

My Chicklet (BCiT extraordinaire) pilfered this from the set of playing cards Bus Nerd and I bought on our honeymoon in the San Juans. Orca 3 of hearts

She calls it (what else?) her “Orca card.” And yes, she pretends to swipe it.

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3 Responses to Baby bus pass

  1. miws says:

    Next thing you’re going to tell us, is that without any prompting at all, she knows that her make believe bus rides are following a Sunday/Holiday Schedule today! ;-)

    Merry Christmas, BusFam!


  2. Cheeseburger says:

    That’s one smart Chicklet! :)

  3. jkh1948 says:

    Had to share this with my daughter. She improvised things when she was that age, too. Wonderful!