I <3 transit

This week, it’s time for us transit types to engage in a different kind of bus luh. (Though of course, it’s really fine for us never to engage in the standard kind.) APTA’s trying to show Congress that there’s public support for public transportation.

Transit Lovers Unite
“I <3 Transit” engages public transit riders via mobile text campaign Washington, DC –The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and its more than 1,500 members are launching “I <3 Transit”(I heart transit), a mobile text campaign, to engage riders across the country and demonstrate the importance of public transportation to individuals, communities and the nation. The campaign, which starts this week, allows participants to show their support for increased public transit funding by simply texting “transit” to 86677. Each year 10.2 billion trips are taken on the nation’s public transportation systems. Riders depend on their local transit provider for freedom, mobility and access. By texting “transit” to 86677 public transit riders and enthusiasts alike can stand together in support of public transportation. This simple action helps spread the message that Americans want public transportation as a travel option in their daily lives.

If you can’t figure out how to do the symbols on your phone, just text “transit.”

Do it!

4 thoughts on “I <3 transit

  1. azure

    I don’t understand what people are being asked to do. Text who? And how? And the only people who count when it comes to supporting transit are those who regularly text? I know people who take buses who don’t have cellphones or they don’t text if they do have one.

    Their support doesn’t count? There’s no alternative way of communicating support for mass transit?

    1. BusChick Post author

      I think this is just one way to show support. Certainly, folks are free to support transit in many other ways; I imagine the most effective would be to directly write to (or call) one’s senators, reps, and local officials–and to VOTE.

      I realize that the press release wasn’t especially clear, so here’s some more info.

      After you send the text, there’s an autoreply from APTA that gives you the URL to a petition asking Congress to come up with long-term funding for PT. Here’s what the media person from APTA had to say:

      “The primary outcome is to support our efforts to reach out to congress showing the public support behind public transportation, and the need for a fully-funded long-term bill. When people text they will receive a message directing them to our website http://www.publictransportation.org where they can get transportation facts, calculate their fuel use, carbon footprint etc… they will also be able to sign our petition to congress supporting a long-term surface transportation bill.”

      When I asked if people who texted the number would receive spam:

      “If they sign the petition they will get some email updates from us but they are few and far between, basically just ways they can support transit. We are not doing anything with the Phone numbers.”

      1. azure

        I went to the APTA (or NAPTA, I think one linked to the other) site to see if I could find out more. I didn’t see a press release. I still don’t know to what number or to whom I would’ve sent the text you mention. I did find a petition that could be “signed” that supported mass transit and I “signed” that & listed some of the reasons I think it’s useful or that I use it since there was space for that.

        I use public transit when I can. What I have seen where I live is that too many decisions are made to benefit the wealthy. Where I live, the city would rather subsidize (by purchasing) a small general aviation airport, which is predominantly used by those who are wealthy enough to own/lease small planes and/or helicopters. Which is maybe 5% of the people living with the town’s limits. A commercial shuttle has been attempted twice, one in the ’90’s, again recently and this last effort, even with a substantial state transportation grant, the shuttle didn’t average even 1/2 full (a 9 passenger plane)–even w/a subsidized fare. The city will not even consider helping to subsidize a commute bus to the nearest large town (about 60 miles away) even though there are close links between the university there & the marine science center here. It looks like people will go the van pool route instead.

        There is also a right of way that could serve for a rail track from the nearest town (6 miles or so away) and the port here–it could also, eventually, w/track work, serve passenger rail as well. A win/win, you’d think–a commercial & passenger rail link. Not according to this city council, etc. They just want their airport paid for by taxpayers.

        So, I use mass transit when I can, I support it, but I don’t see the PTB doing much but looking to see how to use tax dollars to support what they want.

  2. Debbie Holt

    Thanks so much for the info. I got the auto reply and gladly followed the link to sign. Once again kudos to you buschick !¡!¡! My husband and I moved to the city to have bus service. We are so blessed by it.

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