Carrots and sticks, part III

Let’s get the stick out of the way first. From our friend Mr. Singer:


Guess those muscle cars Detroit is so fond of haven’t been doing the trick.

And now, the good stuff:

From a recent American Public Transportation Association study:

• Public transportation usage reduces U.S. gasoline consumption by 1.4 billion gallons each year – or the equivalent of 108 million cars filling up, almost 300,000 each day. These savings result from the efficiency of carrying multiple passengers in each vehicle; the reduction in traffic congestion from fewer automobiles on the roads; and the varied sources of energy for public transportation.

• Households that are likely to use public transportation on a given day save over $6,200 every year, compared to a household with no access to public transportation service. These households have two workers, one car and are within three-quarters of a mile of public transportation.

For those of you who aren’t ready to go cold turkey: This study proves you don’t have to give up driving altogether to make a difference–to the world and your own bank account.

For the details, check out APTA’s full report.