One good reason to use snail mail

Back in the day, my friend Char called me “Card-la” (better, I guess, than some other nicknames I’ve had) because of my tendency to give and send cards. I’ve toned it down since then, but I still send thank-you notes–more often, according to some of my friends, than is necessary. (My mom was big on manners, OK?) Ah, but this is a good thing, since I’m going to need plenty of excuses to use a stamp. Fellow bus chicks, behold.

A bus stamp!

It's a bus stamp!





Yes folks, it’s a bus stamp (!)–part of USPS’s Go Green initiative. There are 15 others, which are cool and all, but I’m going to need a book with just the buses, please.

7 thoughts on “One good reason to use snail mail

  1. jkh1948

    Oo! Oo! Gotta get me some of those! I have the Evergreen “forever” stamp up the wazoo but I truly need some of these!

  2. Ryan

    I love these stamps, because the “forver” looks like it should be added onto the end of each activity. Use Public Transit FOREVER!

  3. christina

    they were out of these at the post office at first and jackson, so i bought some that say Jazz Forever instead!

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