One good reason to use snail mail

Back in the day, my friend Char called me “Card-la” (better, I guess, than some other nicknames I’ve had) because of my tendency to give and send cards. I’ve toned it down since then, but I still send thank-you notes–more often, according to some of my friends, than is necessary. (My mom was big on manners, OK?) Ah, but this is a good thing, since I’m going to need plenty of excuses to use a stamp. Fellow bus chicks, behold.

A bus stamp!

It's a bus stamp!





Yes folks, it’s a bus stamp (!)–part of USPS’s Go Green initiative. There are 15 others, which are cool and all, but I’m going to need a book with just the buses, please.

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7 Responses to One good reason to use snail mail

  1. BusChick says:

    I haven’t been this excited since the release party for the James Baldwin stamp back in ’04.

  2. I sent my son-in-law-the-biker’s birthday card with a bike stamp from the same stamp page. Love ’em!

  3. jkh1948 says:

    Oo! Oo! Gotta get me some of those! I have the Evergreen “forever” stamp up the wazoo but I truly need some of these!

  4. Ryan says:

    I love these stamps, because the “forver” looks like it should be added onto the end of each activity. Use Public Transit FOREVER!

  5. christina says:

    they were out of these at the post office at first and jackson, so i bought some that say Jazz Forever instead!

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