2 thoughts on “One big reason to love MLKC Metro

    1. BusChick Post author

      STP, I see you make it to Vancouver (or just read about it) a lot. If this is who I think it is, you are the one who hipped us to the Black Communities in BC exhibit a few years ago: http://www.buschick.com/?p=747. Hit me on email if you want to find a time to meet the Baby Boy, who will be turning two (!) in a few days.

      P.S. – I just read the Straight piece and associated comments. The original article did seem a bit Onion-like (Really? The city needs to allow more drive-throughs because you have small children?), but I do understand the challenges parents face, and I also know that we all perceive (and attempt to resolve) our challenges in different ways. (This is me working really hard not to judge.) As someone who has absolutely no experience with that lifestyle (my kids don’t even know what McDonald’s is), it is good for me to understand how other people think about these issues. So, thanks for sharing.

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