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Bus wraps are back (or, Speaking of transit funding…)

The partial wraps are on the street, and thanks to Ray, a true bus nerd from Beacon Hill, we have photos!

Partial wrap: front (Photo credit: Ray Day, Jr.)
Partial wrap: side (Photo credit: Ray Day, Jr.)
Partial wrap: back (Photo credit: Ray Day, Jr.)

I was never that bothered by the covered windows–what’s a hazy view from time to time compared to 7,500 additional service hours each year?–but these are clear enough, no?

Next up: shelter ads!

The ultimate bus foul, part II

I guess I have an answer to my question about whether bus riders in Seattle ever get groped.

Seattle police are searching for man who has sexually assaulted at least four women near bus stops in South Seattle.

The assailant sneaked up behind the women and forcefully groped them, starting with two women Nov. 20. The latest and most threatening attack was reported early Wednesday, when the man dragged the victim into a dark driveway, fondled her and took her wallet, police said.

(Source: Seattle PI)

Wow. And I always liked riding the 36