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Caption it!

Some pre-holiday silliness:

Waiting for the 238
Waiting for the 238, 10:30 (ish) PM

Check out this photo for context, and have at it.

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What’s old is new again

And finally, after a mere year and a half of wallowing in litter, southbound 48 passengers waiting at 23rd & Union once again have a place to put their trash.

A bus shelter at 23rd & Union
The shelter formerly known as Good Shepherd’s adopted stop
Shelter trash can
The “new” can, which, excepting its location, is surprisingly similar to

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More of these, please!

It appears that the new sign designs have gone live. I spotted this, sans disclaimer, at a stop near the airport:

Somewhere on International Blvd…

I guess they didn’t need to use the airport icon on this one, since the airport is across the street. I’m wondering, though: Is there an icon for trife (or at least some sort of warning icon) to put next to the 174?

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A world away, yet close to home

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. Bus Nerd and I spent the early part of this week in Selma, Alabama, visiting some of his relatives. On the long journey to Selma, we stopped in Montgomery, a city made famous by one very historic bus ride. (Yes, I will take any opportunity to mention my shero.)

While I’m on the subject…

My new favorite bus stop:

Rosa Parks bus stop
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New sign designs!

Metro is testing prototypes of a new bus-sign design. They’re on display in front of King Street Center for about another week. (After that they’ll be at Third & Union, at the Benaroya stop.) I went to check them out yesterday.

Here’s the prototype for a sign at a major stop:

Major stop prototype
Major stop prototype

And here’s the prototype for the smaller stops:

Minor stop prototype

Note that the numbers are bigger and now read …

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For better or worse, part III

For better: The 48, where everybody knows your name

On Friday, Chicklet and I traveled to the Eastside (48 + 545) to meet Bus Nerd for lunch. My parental leave is quickly dwindling, and we’re trying to get in all the family bonding time we can. I digress.

The 48 ride was one of those cool trips where it feels like you know everyone on the bus. We ran into my friend Paulette, whom I met several years ago (through Bus Nerd) on the 3. Actually, I originally met Paulette many years earlier, when I was still a child, …

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No bench? No problem! (part II)

This is what happens when they put “lean bars” in shelters.

Folks waiting at 23rd & Union

Here’s a closer view:

A TV that doubles as a bench

Ah, the resourcefulness (and creativity) of bus riders!

By the time the 48 was 15 minutes late, I was wishing for a TV (or something) to sit on, too.

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Speaking of adopted stops…

Recently, Metro removed the trash can from Good Shepherd’s adopted stop without even attempting to contact the church’s members. (I found out when I showed up for garbage duty a few weeks ago.) Now, I know why. Sometime between my attempted garbage duty and today, a shelter was added to that stop. Bus stops with shelters can’t be adopted (and, apparently, can be “un-adopted” retroactively) because they have large, free-standing trash cans that are emptied by Metro. The addition of the shelter is, of …

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And speaking of unique bus stops…

In the process of excavating my inbox (which I ignored for most of the month of January), I found a gem: a series of photographs of Soviet-era roadside bus stops–in Russia, I think–sent to me about three weeks ago by Sound Transit Andrew.

While many of us are aware of the elaborate splendor of the Moscow underground, it is easy to overlook the phenomenon of the common roadside bus stop as an example of soviet art and design letting loose …

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Speaking of good news…

Yesterday, April from Northgate e-mailed to tell me about a new development at her stop at 15th & Northgate Way.

Over the weekend, someone placed what looks like a handmade wooden bench [there]. I take the 73 or 373 to the UW almost every day–but this morning was the first morning I could sit while I waited.

She also sent a picture of the bench:

A public service

I love it when people surprise me with evidence of creativity and kindness (and resourcefulness, and generosity…). Thanks, April! As …

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