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Putting the “community” in Community Transit

CT has launched a cool storytelling project. From a recent press release:

Snohomish County, Wash. – She said, “If Community Transit doesn’t
go there, then neither do I.”

It couldn’t have been scripted any better. She was an elegant senior
who never learned to drive. She had used public transit for her entire
life, expressing in her own words what Community Transit meant to her.
She was sharing her story.

Storytelling is society’s way of communicating between people: the
histories, the hopes, the personal details. While this story happened a
few years ago and wasn’t officially recorded, it was passed from
employee to employee and an idea was born: Community Transit impacts so
many lives; those stories should be collected.

Now the agency has launched a project to gather and share stories that
express the importance of public transportation to individuals, in their
own words: unscripted, unrehearsed, unaltered.

I love this. Stories remind us why public transportation is an essential service. Because beyond all the practical reasons to ride, buses are about people.

Speaking of community…

One of my very favorite organizations, Transportation Choices Coalition, held a bake sale at Aurora Transit Center this morning (yes, folks, it has come to that) to draw attention to the funding crises that our state’s transit agencies are facing.

(via: STB)

Wish I could have been there. In addition to supporting more transit options in the region, I also fully support increased dessert options in my household. We’re down to a single Girl Scout cookie, and Chicklet’s already got dibs.