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March Golden Transfer

Golden Transfer

This month’s Golden Transfer goes to Del Rey, musician, storyteller, and general adventurer. Del Rey is a successful blues artist who performs all over the world (she spent the month of January on tour in Australia). She also happens to be a committed bus chick. When she’s in town, Del Rey regularly takes the bus (yes, with all of her instruments) to gigs. Most recently, she rode to consecutive shows in Port Townsend and Friday Harbor. Her itinerary: Seattle to Port Townsend, Port Townsend to Friday Harbor, Friday Harbor to Seattle. Here’s what she had to say about the trip:

Del Rey (photo credit: Jenny Samson)

We made good time to Port Townsend following Mark Canizaro’s links. I’ll never rent a car to go there again! Under three hours and $10! Definately a cool mini-vacation option. Getting from PT to Anacortes was a little more hassle, (but still 5 hours and under $20). We connected no problem to the keystone ferry, the island Transit #1 to Oak Harbor, then the 411W to Marches Point PnR, then the 410 to the ferry. Coming home we had an hour and a half to kill between the ferry shuttle (the 410 in Anacortes) but there’s lots of nice restaurants in Anacortes, then another hour to kill in Mt Vernon (bus station is a block from the brew pub) waiting for the 90X to Everett, which connects well with the 510 to my neighborhood (Wallingford). As always, even when compared to Mt Vernon, Everett is the hands-down winner for odd-balls on the bus…

Want to know more about the Everett oddballs? Check out one of Del Rey’s shows. She loves to share stories about her chosen form of transportation with her audiences. In the meantime, remember: If a woman with three ukuleles and a guitar can make it from Port Townsend to Anacortes on the bus, the rest of us can probably ride to the next show we attend in town. (Shoot, I’d ride from Port Townsend to Anacortes twice to see Prince perform. Matter of fact, I’d walk 100 miles barefoot–on hot asphalt. But I digress.)

Thanks, Del Rey, for devoting your life to your art (those of us with “day jobs” watch with admiration, envy, and hope), and for remaining true to your values in spite of the unique demands of your profession.

You remind us that anything is possible.