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Is there room on this bus for my bass?

From animal week to music week…

A band headed to a gig*on a westbound 55:


The same band, at the Alaska Junction stop:


*As it happens, they were performing at Sustainable West Seattle. Fitting, no?

An eastbound morning commuter at Montlake Freeway Station:


Del Rey would be proud.

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After you

On occasion (I’m guessing because I tend to have strong opinions in this area), people come to me with questions about bus etiquette. One I receive quite frequently and wish I had an answer to:

If there are a lot of people waiting at a stop, how do you decide the boarding order when the bus arrives? After all, not everyone has the same beliefs about who deserves deference, and (as drivers can attest) politeness isn’t common among folks in a hurry to get where they’re going. It makes sense to have some sort of neutral, bus-boarding system.

Unfortunately, …

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Montlake: a pedestrian’s nightmare

To get home from the Eastside in the evenings, I usually take the 545 to Montlake and then transfer to the 48. I say “usually” because sometimes I ride the 545 all the way downtown to transfer just to avoid the tedious and time-consuming trip from the bus stop on 520 (where I get off the 545) to the bus stop on Montlake Blvd. (where I catch the 48).

I am OK with walking all the way up a long hill from the freeway stop to Montlake and then down the block to the corner of Montlake & E. Lake …

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Recently spotted in transit

Either a bus veered way off course, or some sad souls have too much time on their hands.

Broken sign
At least the schedule’s still intact.

So much for the cool, new signal light at this freeway station.

Speaking of cool…

Relief for bus riders who want to know where the heck their bus is already:

Tracker at OTC
Time to install those …

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