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Seattle on Streetfilms

Streetfilms recently shot a short film about the Streetcar.

It doesn’t touch on any of the controvery surrounding the project (or even mention its famous nickname), but it’s fun to watch if you can spare four minutes.

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Bus tunnel’s back in business

Yesterday, I hit up the tunnel reopening celebration at Westlake Park.

The first person I ran into was Josh, an old acquaintance from my college days who now works for the city. He was there representing the S.L.U.T.

Josh, SLU trolley representative

Which reminds me: We haven’t had a discussion about this controversial transportation project yet. I’d be happy to entertain opinions now, if anyone’s interested. But I digress.

Next, I ran into my favorite transit planner, Jack, who was, per usual, ready with answers to all my “which route will …

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