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A diet this bus chick can get behind

I’m not big on diets (other than this one, that is), but I am a big fan of Zipcar’s Low-Car Diet, a program where “members from 12 Zipcar cities [come] together to take on the challenge of one month of low-car livin’.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to writing about it while it was actually going on. The official program ended today, so instead of introducing you to the Seattle participants as I intended, I’ll just give you the recap.

This year’s dieters did lose a few extra pounds, but that’s the least of their …

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Car-free with a kid: the challenges

I’ve spent the past 20 months (well, on and off anyway–I know not everyone’s as interested in hearing about my kid as I am in talking about her) telling you how much I enjoy busing with Chicklet. And I really do. I love spending one-on-one time on our travels. I love having extra time to read and talk to her. I love experiencing the excitement of riding through her eyes. I love that I am teaching her many of my values–conservation, equality, community engagement, thrift, to name a few–without having to say a word.

But, you know all …

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Today’s a Zipcar day

Nerd and I have some stuff to take to Goodwill/Re PC–and a few other miscellaneous errands that will be simpler by car.

A Zipcar bus ad
A Zipcar bus ad

I’m a very occasional car user, so this will be only the second time I’ve used Zipcar since the merger. I can’t say I’m thrilled about losing a local company, especially given some of the less-than desirable changes we former Flexers have been subjected to. (Increased rates and decreased insurance coverage? Now cut that out!)

On the …

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