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Caption it!

This one’s from the northbound 3rd & Union stop, in front of the post office:

Shoes at stop

(I also have a closer view.)

OK, so it isn’t as good as the snowboard guy or the rooster, but I’m counting on you witty types to make it so.

Best caption wins the admiration and envy of the rest of us.

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Chicklet and the 27, part II

On Wednesday, as Chicklet and I settled into a seat on our favorite route, an elderly woman I had never seen before sat down next to us, looked at Chicklet like she knew her, and said, “I just saw your uncle over at the University of Washington.”

I was about to tell her that she had us confused with another bus riding mother-daughter team when she said, “I had to get a few x-rays and some work on my crown.”

Aha! She had indeed seen Chicklet’s uncle, my brother Joel, an almost-dentist who sees patients at the UW’s dental …

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And I thought a ride on the 358 was an adventure…

On our first 358 ride to visit Jeremy, Chicklet and I sat next to a woman who, despite getting off on the wrong foot by asking one of those questions, turned out to be alright. She was on a bus excursion–which had started in Ocean Shores at 10 AM and was going to end in Everett late in the evening (!)– to pick up her two-year old granddaughter. (I think she mentioned why she decided not to opt for Greyhound, but I can’t remember the reason.) By the time our paths crossed on the 358, she was on her …

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For better or worse, part IV

For better: My brother Jeremy moved back to Seattle last week! (And who can blame him?) He’s remaining car-free for the present and so has chosen an apartment close to a frequently running bus route. I plan to visit him often, to make up for the year (plus) he was away.

For worse: The bus route he’s close to is the 358. Pray for me.

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Speaking of the 545…

At least one rider travels with something other than a laptop:

A Pomeranian in a perambulator

Sorry for the bad phone photo. In case you can’t tell, it’s a dog in a stroller.

This is pretty cute, but I thought ST didn’t allow pets. And anyway, don’t they have to fold those down for the ride, like folks with human babies?

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An update on those bus wireless issues

Despite the fact that I’m kind of done talking about bus hackers (ST is aware of–and hopefully working on–the problem, after all) Bus Nerd is making me post this:

A compromised wireless network on the 545

It’s a screen shot of his network connection dialog during a recent ride on the 545. (This time it was coach 9539.) All told, he’s experienced this issue three times in the past few weeks. Just so you know.

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