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Metro’s new and improved snow response plan

As much as we all enjoyed guessing which routes were running (and where) during last year’s big snowstorm(s)…

A snow-disabled 14 in December of 2008

Metro’s developed a new plan to improve predictability and communication during severe winter weather. From a KC Metro press release:

This season, customers will be able use the Internet to quickly see which buses in the Metro system are on snow route based on “geographic area.” Just as congestion is measured by color on congestion flow maps, the use of green, yellow or red on Metro’s …

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“Public transportation is paying for my Porsche.”

You don’t have to be a car hater to understand the benefits of transit. From a recent Slate article (via: Streetsblog Network):

In spring 2007, my wife and I sold our Volvo and committed to public transportation. Since then, it’s been no traffic jams, no mechanics, no gasoline, and no insurance bills. With the money we saved, I started a “hot rod” bank account dedicated to making driving fun. Public transportation is paying for my Porsche.


Like many Americans, I love to get out and drive. But in and around major cities, “driving” usually means idling …

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On buses and swine flu

This week’s “Getting There” might be of interest to the gazillions of bus riders (of which I was one until this morning*) who have not yet gotten access to the H1N1 vaccine.

This flu season I’m more concerned than ever about air flow or lack thereof on public transportation. As I ride the bus daily to and from work, I’ve always been concerned about the air quality and if I’m breathing in the germs for the person standing next to me. Is there anything that Metro and Sound Transit can or is doing to mitigate this problem? …

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What I’ve learned in my second year as a bus parent

My little Chicklet turned two today, which means I’ve officially logged two years as a bus parent. Here’s some of what I’ve learned:

Ride time matters

In my child-free, car-free days, I could justify bus trips that took longer than driving by using my rides effectively.* I spent my bus time reading (meeeemories!), napping, working, checking messages, and et cetera. Lots of times, I just stared out the window, but even that I could justify as my quiet/thinking time.

When I travel with Chicklet, longer trip times are harder to justify. In the first place, …

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