America’s best buses

Good announced the winners of the Best Bus Ride contest. (Actually, they announced them a week ago but neglected to inform me, one of the actual judges. As my brother Jeremy would say: Hated it!)

“Judges’ Selection: Green Line Rapid Transit Kansas City, Missouri

Best Bus Ride - judges' selection

Image: Arthur Cherry

The Judges Selection Photo will be featured in the next issue of GOOD magazine and will receive a monthly unlimited ride transit pass on your system, a year subscription to GOOD magazine, and a Transportation Alternatives’ “Room to Breathe” poster.

People’s Choice: The #29 in Chicago, Illinois

Best Bus Ride - people's choice

Image: Alex Burchard

Our People’s Choice winner will receive a Contested Streets documentary, a Not For Tourists Guidebook, and a one-year subscription to Transportation Alternatives’ Reclaim Magazine.”

The Midwest represented, despite the fact that the majority of the finalists were from the West Coast. (Three of the 15 were from Seattle, in fact.) My pick (also from the Midwest) didn’t win, but these two were high on my list.

Can’t wait to do this again next year.

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